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This prestigious Light & Sound show project at Ross Island in Andaman & Nicobar Island was inaugurated on 7th Dec 2014.The 3D mapping done for this project is one of the first of its kind in India,with the Bakery Building studied and mapped to substitute as the screen for the Show. The Bakery becomes the Laser Screen for the Light and Sound Show. The speakers and lights are kept at various places near the trees spread around the place, to create that magical aura, and to recreate the history in all its glory and gory. 3D mapping, 2D graphics, light, and sound were all brought together to create the Ross Show.This project was directed by Ms Revathy,and Gulzar, who is a renowned lyricist in Bollywood, has scripted the story for this show and narrated it in Hindi as well. Shabana Azmi has narrated it in English. Shankar Ehsan Loy has composed the music. Tabi Parekh has done the background score. Graphic artist Aravindan and his team created graphics that had life in them. Topping all that, Resul Pokkutty has done the sound designing for the show.It is for the first time that 11.1 Dolby Surround has been used for outdoors for Ross show. 
This project was in collaboration with Studio one and AKDC to help set up a one of a kind sound and light show for the The Ross island in the Andamans. 
Mitali coordinated through AKDC along with Studio one Productions to provide for the civil architecture,design layouts,inter-team coordination and site execution. 
Click on the Link Below to see the sound and light show
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