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By Mitali Aharam, Established In 2014

Crafted Spaces is a Multidisciplinary, Award Winning Design Studio based out of Hyderabad, that undertakes Architecture and Interior Design Projects across the country

Our Story

Crafted Spaces was Founded in October 2014 by Mitali Aharam and Supriya Lolayekar. The Firm now led by Mitali Aharam, in a span of six years, has managed to design, execute and handover more than 50 projects in the hospitality, commercial and residential segments.
With a number of varied project styles under their portfolio, Crafted Spaces has created a niche in the hospitality segment by designing and styling numerous restaurants of high repute. The brand has also managed to create a strong foothold in the residential and commercial gamut by designing villas as well as offices.

Featured Works

Villa No.46, Hyderabad

Spread across 3 floors with an area of 6000sft. ,The family wanted a modern Indian, easy maintenance home with subtle earthy tones. Due to their love for greenery we added and created a beautiful courtyard bringing in light and creating interesting shadow play.
Villa 46__JO2156edited.jpg
the colour abode__JO2668edited.jpg

The Colour Abode, Hyderabad

“The Colour Abode”, as the name suggests, this home is a bold display of colour and colour sets the tone in every space. The Clients Love Colour and they weren't afraid of letting us experiment with bold combinations, textures and new materials. The challenge was to create bright and colour dominated spaces in tune with all ages of the Family, reflecting Indian Elements but with a play of modern and contemporary.

The Bar Above, Hyderabad

This Bar was a part of Malaka Spice Restaurant, a Chain from Pune, with the Restaurant below and The Bar Above. Spread across 15,000 sft this project involved converting a residence into a restaurant and bar space with indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor dining experiences.
Featured works_The Bar Above_Cover.jpg
Awards and quote section - (1).jpg

“Simplicity and functionality blended with character, quirk and eclecticism is what I try to achieve.”

Mitali was a part of Igen top 50 young Architects in 2019 by Architect & Interiors India and the firm was a part of 2019’s 50 Phenomenal Architects and Designers by Interiors & Decor. Magazine She has won the Good Homes Award for Best Fusion Interiors In 2019.
In 2020 the firm has won two awards by National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards and Conference, 2020 (Global Edition ) “Top Interior Design  Firm of the Year 2020” Telangana and "40 under 40 Best Interior Designers of India 2020"
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